The following 'Reviews' are from subs and slaves who have enjoyed the honour of serving Superior Goddess Mia in Person at Her dungeon in Gravesend, Kent. Mistress Mia offers private sessions to polite respectable subs in Her spotlessly clean private chambers, it does not matter if you are a novice exploring your fetishes for the first time, or if your a hardened bdsm vetran, Goddess Mia will quickly, safely and with great pleasure guide you down the path of true submission to Her Superior Self.
This section of the site is only for reviews by subs who have visited and served Goddess Mia, once you have shown Goddess Mia how truly submissive you are, once you have proved to Goddess Mia that you know your place in Her world, and once you have given yourself body and soul into the hands of Goddess Mia to be Her plaything, Her toy, Her tool, then you too will be invited to add your own comments here on this page about your session with the truly Superior Goddess Mia.

Mistress Mia
Review from Aug 21st 2012
“I contacted mistress for a girly dressing and makeup session and for her to help me with my smoking fetish and become a sexy smoking girl. On arrival, I was greeted so nicely, and mistress gave me a wonderful makeover; foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick – she did a wonderful job and I felt beautiful. I was then dressed in beautiful lingerie and stockings ... she has some adorable heels available also to wear. Now that I was a sexy femme girl, she took me to her dungeon. Ohhhh, such an incredible place ... packed full of amazing equipment and toys ... the ambience is so wonderful and music was playing in the background. If you wish to be dommed, it would be the most terrific place for it to happen. I am only into the girly side but I must admit that certain apparatus and toys even tempted me ... maybe next time. Mistress then lit a cigarette and shared her smoke with me, then taught me how to smoke as a sexy slutty girl. I had the most wonderful time and mistress is so adorable and sexy. Totally and completely recommended.

Goddess Mia
"Mia is not the mistress you might expect.
Perhaps it's her experience. Certainly it is her pleasure to command each situation with a finely judged balance of sensitivity, authority and judgement.
No one I have met has such a beautiful hold on the knife edge of pain and exhilaration,
then bringing all the strands together in a sunburst of sensation.
Trust her with everything you wish to achieve, but do not be selfish;
surrender to her patient authority; serve her as she insists and you will receive far more than you expect."

The following short review was posted on UKM in October 2006 in regard to a question for information on Goddess Mia.

Sessioned with her in Dover about a month ago -
great person to be with as very open and a wonderful body.
Was very professional in her approach and not phased by my rather perverted tastes.

by slave Owen
During the Summer I by chance came across Mistress Mia and endured a strict and heavy session with her. It was therefore with much fear and trepidation that I was allowed the chance to come before her for a second time. This happened recently and I arrived at her new dungeon in Folkestone. Knocking at the door I was summoned in by Mistress Jacquie who pushed me down stairs to their lair. Stumbling into the dungeon I came face to face with Mia; standing before me in long black thigh length boots, leather skirt, jacket and gloves gripping a crop in her hands. It seems I was five minutes late and boy was I in trouble. Firstly I was gagged which meant my screams could not be heard as Mistress Mia tore into me with her crop. Forced to strip then pushed to the ground she screamed at me and kicked the hell out of me. Mistress enjoys kicking and my bruises still show today almost three weeks after the session. She tied me to the cross and as she started on my back and bottom with a variety of whips none other than Mistress Jacquie came in to join Mia with the beating. This I did not expect and was forced to endure a brutal and stinging attack on my body.Mistress Mia Once I was let loose from the cross they continued to beat me with Mia holding my head between her legs and whacking my backside with great force. Then I heard the word 'rape'. I was slung over a whipping bench and with Jacquie holding my head Mia put the smallest lubrication to the bottom before she thrust her strap on into me. This was staggering and her strength almost ripped me in two. After they untied me and Jacqiue left us alone Mistress Mia finished me off with more kicks, punches, slaps and hits with the cane. I lay utterly beaten on the floor before her. She allowed me the chance to kiss and lick her boots clean. I begged for the beating to stop and eventually she walked away from me. Mistress Mia is formidable, strong, sadistic and ruthless. But she has a sensual side to her nature and the time allowing me to come off the session is quite over whelming for a slave. Her web site is fantastic and so is Mistress Mia. For any sub wishing to endure a harsh beating this is one of the greatest feelings you will have. I have visited Dommes for four years now; this is the most beautiful and deadly Mistress any slave could hope for. I hope Mistress Mia allows me the opportunity to return to her, as I am hers forever.

Review by Macy : Served Mistress Mia in March 2007:

kiss My feet
"I recently paid a visit to Mistress Mia - having exchanged a few e-mails and one quick phone call. I had previously visited other mistresses on a couple of occasions but never really got as much out of the experience as I had hoped. Of course this might be because I had not explained my interest fully or perhaps I was just a little too nervous. However all such worries disappeared the moment I met Mistress Mia as I was made to feel extremely welcome, we even had a cup of tea and a chat (first). This helped me to feel very relaxed and at ease. Prior to meeting Mistress Mia I had sent an e-mail indicating the type of things that I would love to be included. In fact Mistress Mia's website has a great description of the services she offers so it was easy to find a number of interests. So onto the session itself; Mistress led me upstairs and into a room full of outfits, wigs and boots and quickly set about transforming me! Within minutes I was fully dressed in a very sexy outfit with red leather thigh boots, stockings, suspender belt, a gorgeous Basque and a long dark wig. When mistress was happy she led me into her liar. A room with dark red walls, candles and oh yes lots of BDSM equipment and toys! I remember there was classical music playing which I was originally unsure of but i have to say it somehow added to the intensity of the day. Mistress then placed me on her St Andrews cross; moments later i was shackled by wrist and ankle and completely helpless. I had told Mistress that I loved nipple torture and she wasted no time tweaking them (just to wake them up - apparently!) the next thing I remember is mistress explaining what I Violet Wand was - gulp - and then the sparks began to fly. She used this wonderful implement on my nipples and then my thighs before moving it across by C&B in a teasing fashion. I had no idea i would like the sensation so much. By this time I was totally submersed in Mistresses aura. At some point I was released from the cross and on my knees, hands behind my back and facing Mistress Strap-on. Were upon I was made to worship it and her beautiful boots and legs. Time seemed to be stand still I was then hogtied (with the help of Mistress Jackie - which was a wonderful surprise) and lay on the floor. Now I was completely helpless. Mistress was no behind me somewhere preparing my final surprise and then I took a deep breath as a vibrator entered me. I was dizzy with desire and Mistress seemed to be everywhere, tweaking my nipples, inserting the vibrator and all the while sensually connecting with me. It was all too much and soon my cock was exploding as I writhed on the floor bound in ecstasy”. I cannot recommend Mistress Mia highly enough - Macy March 2007
Review by slave Andrew. (slave in training)
Date 22nd May 2008
Location Mistress Mia's Folkestone chambers.
Mistress Mia here are my thoughts on yesterday: My first steps to becoming Mistress Mia’s slave I had struggled for two years to pluck up the courage to contact let alone visit a Mistress. In this time I had often looked at and admired Mistress Mia’s website but always had cold feet. Then a week ago I sent a message to Mistress Mia on Dommes UK saying that I was nervous and would like to chat to her about my submissive feelings. Mistress Mia kindly allowed me to call her and we talked, very soon I felt far more relaxed and I knew I could trust my Mistress and so we arranged an appointment. I arrived and when the door opened I was greeted by a gorgeous lady – Mistress Mia dressed in high heels, stockings and a shiny black all in one which complimented her body wonderfully. As I followed Mistress up the stairs I was mesmerised by her beautiful bum swaying side by side as she walked. Once in Mistresses dungeon, Mistress explained the etiquette of being a slave which was a great start because I was so scared I would get something wrong. Very soon I was naked, vulnerable and in the slaves position with my forehead on the floor. Mistress circled me surveying her new toy. We began with Mistress indulging my smoke fetish. Kneeling before Mistress I watched entranced by the beautiful way she smoked, Mistress has the most wonderful lips and the sight of her exhale was as good as I could have hoped for. Very soon I was inhaling Mistresses smoke as she teased me with her lips so close to mine. FANTASTIC. For any novice hoping to find a Mistress who will gently guide you to where you want to be then Mistress Mia is the one. Everything was explained clearly and with care, at all times my safety was assured and the enjoyment she got out of my total submission was a joy to behold. Next I was strapped to a v-shaped bench which spread my legs apart. Whilst I knew I was safe I quickly realised my arse was exposed and I was more vulnerable than I’ve ever been. Mistress Mia teased me and laughed at the results of this for a few minutes before hooking me up to a Tens machine. I’d made it clear that I didn’t want to be whipped, caned or beaten and so Mistress Mia was enjoying herself in other ways – and the expert way she did this tells me she has so may other ways. Mistress Mia’s touch is superb and the effortless yet effective way she slips from pleasure to pain needs to be experienced to understand. Mistress Mia introduced me to nipple torture – playing, tweaking and stroking them until they were very sensitive. To my surprise, and Mistresses amusement, my cock was hard throughout the pain and pleasure sequence. Then the Tens unit was attached to my cock, balls and nipple and as I squirmed, winced and enjoyed the tingling sensation Mistress Mia laughed making the whole experience so enjoyable. Mistress Mia really does enjoy her power over her slaves and I loved watching her smile, pout, laugh and squeal (such a cute squeal) with excitement every time she enticed a reaction from me. The intimacy Mistress Mia introduced to the session was in such fantastic contrast to the pain that I was encountering. I now know I love pain & pleasure. We finished with me being allowed the pleasure of kissing Mistresses arse whilst she teased me until finally giving me permission to cum. The relief, the ecstasy and the thrill I felt when I exploded over myself was sensational. Having been allowed to shower and compose myself Mistress Mia afforded me the time to chat about the session and my new thoughts on being a slave. Mistress Mia is a true professional, an expert at the art of being a Mistress and most of all a quite lovely person. What more can you ask. I can’t wait to be in the presence of Mistress Mia again – I’m hooked Mistress Mia’s trainee slave

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