Mistress Mia, July 2012 I am a lifestyle Mistress with a real passion for BDSM. You will find me highly sensual with a firm and toned body complemented by a figure to die for.

I have an intuitive understanding of how to lead my submissivess into fetish bliss and get a real power rush from sessions.

I will bring all your fantasies to life and leave you begging for more.

I offer sessions for one hour or longer. If you are coming to Me for the first time then please allow a little extra time, as I will need to sit with you and discuss your preferences. I will also ask you about your health, certain health issues can mean that certain *toys* cannot be used such as electrics should you have a pacemaker. This is for your own safety and is necessary for all sessions..

I like to know a little about yourself including your previous experiences (if any)and your likes and dislikes including scenes you might like to explore.

In addition to this it is important for you to let me know the things you do not wish to participate in. I will always respect your wishes and limits as I expect you to respect mine. It is often a good idea to bring along a handwritten, legible, version of the above.

I only play in scenes that I personally enjoy. Please read the list of things I will consider and things I will not. I like to keep My sessions fluid and unscripted so yes, you may request a particular scene but please understand that I do not follow orders, you follow Mine.

Each session is tailored to your specific fetish needs, the cost of My sessions are very reasonable
phone or e-mail Me for more details.
There are no hidden extra cost's, The tribute includes the time Goddess Mia will spend with Her sub and reaching agreement on how Goddess Mia will conduct the session. Mistress Mia will listen to Her subs: but She will NOT be dictated too.

To contact Goddess Mia, either politely phone 0794 7531 470
or e-mail the Goddess.

Updated 16th July 2012

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