Superior Goddess Mistress Mia

has desires which She kindly allows Her slaves to fulfil for Her. Below is a list of Shops where Mistress Mia has a wish list account, Her devoted slaves can easily use the links below to go directly to the shop concerned, and choose a gift for Mistress Mia which will be sent directly to Mistress.Mistress and Her crop
Alternately slaves can simply pick an item from the list of gifts Mistress has provided and take such a gift with them when they visit Mistress Mia. Presenting Mistress Mia with a gift when you visit is by no means a neccissity, but it does show the Mistress that you are truly grateful for both Her time and Her expertiese in leading you down the rightful path of true submission.

Please Me by paying a tribute now... use the Nochex link to pay Me directly.

Alternately you may like to suprise Mistress Mia by bringing Her a gift from the selection below.
Mistress Mia loves all of the following


Mistress Mia always has the scent of a Goddess about Her,
Choose one of these perfumes to please Mistress Mia.

Mistress Mia may also have other items She would like to recieve as gifts from Her adoring devoted slaves, and these will always appear at the foot of this page.

Mistress Mia likes to beat a slave with a past, Mistress Mia likes to beat a slave with a fucture, but nothing beats a slave with a present!

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