Mistress Mia has extensively equipped chambers in Dartford, Kent. There are many pictures of Mistress Mia within Her chambers that can be viewed in the Gallery section. The exact location of the Chambers will only be given to you after your session has been confirmed. However it is worth noting that the chambers are very easy to reach via public transport or private vehicle. There is ample car parking space availiable, and the area is discreet and safe.

Mistress Mia has installed within Her Chambers professionaly crafted hand built dungeon equipment, all of it tested for safety, strength, durability and its abilitty to perform as it was intended too. The Chambers contain amongst many other implements, whips, collars, cuffs, chains, canes, spreader bars, gags, hoods, bondage equipment, St Andrews cross, whipping bench, spanking stool and many other varied pieces of equipment to make sure that Mistress Mia has full control over you, and more then enough equipment to render Her slaves totally at Her Mercy (or not) as Mistress sees fit.

Of course if your into being a nuaghty girl Mistress Mia also has plenty of help when it comes to cross dressing Her sissy tarts and sluts, wigs, make up, stockings and the cutest sexiest girly clothes are all at Her disposal to help transform you into the naughty slut you really are.What will Mistress do to you once your transformation is complete? perhaps Mistress will have you clean Her chambers? wait on Her hand and foot? perhaps Mistress will have you carry out domestic duties, serving as Her maid, cleaning Her home? or perhaps Mistress lift up your skirt, pull down your panties and deliver the sound spanking you deserve! Mistress Mia is not just a Pro Mistress She is an expert in dealing with the submissive mind, equally as She is in dealing with the more girly and fetishist minds of those who have served Her and always come back for more.

Mistress on Her Throne

Mistress Mia truly enjoys Her role both as your natural Superior Mistress, as well as Her role in leading Her slaves, subs and sissys to complete submission under Her natural dominance and guidance. Mistress Mia has been a Pro Mistress for several years now, and over that time Mistress has seen and heard it all. Be open and honest with Mistress Mia when you approach Her for a session, don't be embrassed nor afraid of whatever it is you would like to experiance, Mistress Mia is un-shockable, and Mistress has the right place for Her slaves to really fall under Her spell in the magical chambers in Folkestone.

If your unsure if Mistress Mia does not engage in your particular fantasy, then simply have a look at Her likes and dislikes by clicking the appropriate link below. If your prefered scenerio is neither listed as something Mistress Mia enjoys or does not enjoy then simply e-mail Mistress to enquire further about whatever it is that intrest's you. Remember that Mistress Mia is a natural born Superior Mistress, who has the chambers, the knowledge, the desire, the abillity and the time to take you further and deeper into your wildest dreams then ever before, but She is not a mind reader.

Be honest, be true to yourself, and let Mistress Mia do the rest.

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